mandag 15. februar 2010

drawing 2005

4 kommentarer:

  1. ahhhh Liv , Liv , Liv ......
    you always surprise me with some work bold and beautiful .
    this one is so perfect and special!
    one of my favorites !!

  2. This is beautiful! The highlights are wonderful. It would be wonderful to see it in person, and yes .... wonderful to cross the ocean. In the meantime, it gives me pleasure to think of my new artist "friends" in Europe beginning a new day with a cup of tea or coffee while I am winding down my day here. It brings a feeling of peace and goodwill.

  3. Caio !
    Thank you very much ,It is a pleasure for me to have been known with you through this blog , and your amazing works !

    Hi Lorena !
    Thank you so much , and welkome here !

    Hi Gloria , It is morning here , and I just made me a nice cup of coffee..
    and it is nice to have some small comments to read from all my new artist- friends .. have a nice day !!