fredag 23. april 2010

the weawer
pen / acryl  50 x 70 cm ...
One of the image I`m working on,
I`m not sure if it is finished yet... but time will show

15 kommentarer:

  1. It's again very very beautiful Liv :)

  2. Darja , Thank you so much !
    I enjoy looking into your blog and
    your beutiful artwork !!

    B. Liv

  3. Style and beauty,very strong!!!

  4. wit 1996!
    Thank you so much for your comment
    B. Liv

  5. Sheer beauty & brilliance, Liv.

  6. you have yet to disapoint....
    really nice work

  7. jb ! thank you so much !

    David !
    thank you so much for your comment !

  8. HI Liv,

    I just enlarged it to look at as my eyes are tired. Its a beautiful composition.... I almost would not want to fill in any more unfilled areas. Maybe add more paint where you have already been...but should you be thinking of not blocking in the rest I could say that it was working beautifully - compositionally!.
    of course do not be taking my suggestion seriously...just a fleeting thought.
    really lovely!

  9. Thank you so much Sophie , I appreciate your comment !
    It is so good to have others eyes on my work ,
    because I go blind on my own work..

    All the best , Liv

  10. Hello Liv,
    your artwork is fantastic! I love your special and unique style. thanks for your nice comment on my blog :-) All the best, Ulla

  11. Ulla ! Thank you so much for nice words ,
    and the same to you !

    B, Liv