onsdag 5. mai 2010

a new drawing in the series
"secrets of Lothepark "
Pencil 2B on paper

8 kommentarer:

  1. wow !! did you just use pencil on this work ?!!
    incredible !
    i like the name of this series . so poetic and beutiful .
    this work is wonderful , Liv .

  2. Caio !

    Thank you so much for your nice words !
    I use a 2B pencil . The title Secrets of Lothepark
    is a good title I think too . The Lothe - park is a place
    in my hometown Haugesund , and I think there
    must have happen different secrets things there
    throug the years :-))

    Best from Liv

  3. there are secrets everywhere...
    nice work liv

  4. Thank you so much JB !
    Yes sure ther is !

    B. Liv

  5. A little bit Matisse,a dasch of Picasso,
    a 99% Liv.grtn Willy.

  6. That was nice words ,
    Thank you so much willy !

    Best from Liv

  7. Excellent drawing...love the mix...chair, rose and leaf on and on...great!

  8. Thank you so much Blue sky Dreaming !