lørdag 8. mai 2010

Another image  in the secrets of Lothepark - series…
2B pencil on paper 40 x 40 cm
Still work to do with it !

8 kommentarer:

  1. Oh! To live inside this painting for a day! So beautiful, Liv. xo

  2. For some reason these remind me of cave wall paintings. Mysterious.

  3. Shayna !
    Thank you so much :-))

    Best from Liv

  4. liv...
    just love the things your doing!!
    The concept of "Secrets" is enough to fill a life time.
    how big is 40x40cm
    I still want that press and studio

  5. Thank you JB !
    I Think it will be 16 " X !6 "..
    Hope for you that you could get a press and so ,
    one happy day !!

    BEST from Liv

  6. This series is amazing. I love them!

  7. Stan Kurth !
    Thank you so much ,
    I appreciate your comment …

    Best from Liv