tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Etching drypoint and monotypi
Used an old etcing plate...
size 45 x 32 cm

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  1. Fantastic! Love the colors and the balans between the 3 images :)

  2. hi Liv ... i like so much the way you divided this work and the elegant choices of color !!

  3. Nice work Liv! You are one of a kind, very distinctive.

  4. Darja !
    Thank you so much :-)

    Best from Liv

    Caio !

    Thank you so much :-))

    Best from Liv

    Stan Kurth !

    Thank you so much for nice words :-)))

    Best from Liv

  5. Great to use plates for new visions...this one is especially nice with the divided space!

  6. 37° celcius, elegant cool art.
    very,very nice.

  7. liv...
    was away a few days, and you've created a masterpiece, maybe I should go away a bit more.
    Love it

  8. Blue sky Dreaming !

    Thank you so much !
    Yes we should play more with the items !!!
    Best Liv

    Willy !
    Thank you so much for that !
    Best Liv :-)

    JB !

    Thank You so much …Have you been fishing ?
    Last sunday I got 3 small Throuts in the big lake just benite
    our house … We have a small rowingboat with an outboard motor …

    It was very funny !

    Best from Liv

  9. Liv,
    Yes took some much needed time off,
    I went to n.e. penn. for martini's and fishing, it was very relaxing, I think we should take out your boat and go for some of those Norway trout, glad you have a motor!

  10. Really beautiful! The blue sets the whole composition off so well.

  11. Amanda !
    Thank you for your comment , I really appreciate :-)