In the secrets - series
acrylic on canvas
ca. 45 x 45 cm.
 each canvas is 20 x 20 cm
4 canvases put together…..

"Birds knows"
Acryl on canvas 2007
 30 x 40 cm

A print made in 2007
Drypoint and etching
 and some aqarelle
45 x 60 cm

In the secrets - series
40 x 40 cm on paper

Monoprint,  intaglio ink,
chine colle` ( I used a sort of Japanpaper ),
 and some acrylic on ,The
figure is a copy of one of my drawings.
This is just a try out …

Another image  in the secrets of Lothepark - series…
2B pencil on paper 40 x 40 cm
Still work to do with it !

a new drawing in the series
"secrets of Lothepark "
Pencil 2B on paper