mandag 30. januar 2012

Drypoint 20 x 20 cm


monoprint 40 x 40

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  1. Very beautiful work Liv!
    I love the touch of blue in it. The figures, the lines. And the fact that you did not wipe the plate very clean.
    I like it a lot.

    1. Karin ! Thanks a lot for your nice comment !
      I`m happy to have got startet with new prints !

  2. Both are gorgeous Liv. I like the 3 figures in the first one. And i always love your patterns as in the dress of the second print.
    Sweet greetz to you!

    1. Momo Luna !
      Thank you so much !Hope you are well and that your creativity is good !
      all the best to you !

  3. Hi there Liv

    so glad to have caught this one just (well not long) after you posted it. The drypoint in particular is beautiful !!! I was recently making artworks for an exhibition in Riga Latvia entitled TITANIC and kind of made a boat like shape ( loose-ly) using netting I sewed it together and then inked it up and monoprinted it onto various backgrounds including one onto black somerset paper. With a figure (of course) chine colle-d. I think its on my blog or Fb not sure. Hope you are keeping well - well you seem to be. Belated happy New Year to a special artist !!! love Aine

  4. Aine !

    Thank you so much ! I will look for your artwork that you send to Riga ! When was the exhibition? Me and my family was in Riga for 5 days in November
    I love your work Aine , and I hope you are well too !

    I`m working against an exhibition with 3 of my colleges, it will open 3 mars.And I hope to deliver some new stuff .
    All the best to you Aine !
    Love from Liv

  5. Liv
    your works emote ...
    are so beautiful, sincere and go to the heart!
    I enjoyed all the posts,
    a huge hug

  6. Thank you so much for
    your nice comment , Denice !
    And I`m often looking into your blog
    seeing your beautiful work !

    All the best from Liv