tirsdag 24. juli 2012

drypoint 20 x 20cm

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  1. Just followed a trail to these lovely paintings, thank you as well for listing my blog on your site - very kind.

  2. Hello Liv

    Thanks for posting such wonderful work.

    While all of your print work, paintings and drawings are very well done, I especially connected with the symbolism in the drawings. I find it very remarkable how artists from around the globe share a commonality of symbolic imagery. I can come up with different solutions, but it wouldn't really mater. What does mater is that we are somehow drawn to be and share our creativity with others.

    Thank you.

    I would like us to engage in a reciprocal link and hope you are willing to do so as well.

    You can view my work at: z-micros.blogspot.com



    1. Thank you Micros for nice comments .
      Its ok with links, but I`m not sure if I can manage to link your blog on my site …I will try to do so
      All the best